SL No.PhotoName and Testimonial
1“My journey from being a simple SHG member to I-Mentor has been incredible. Not only gaining respect and recognition which I got from society but also this journey enhanced my self-confidence and changed my lens to observe society. It has also pushed me hard in finding my identity and in what terms, I am capable of contributing to my society.”

-Shinglai Rosemary (I-Mentors),
Machi Block, Tengnoupal District
2“I have been working as an Internal Mentor with the Manipur State Rural Livelihood Mission since 2021. This role has brought me closer to my community and ignited a passion within me to actively contribute for its betterment on my personal level. Throughout my journey I have witnessed at firsthand the power of unity, compassion and collective action in creating positive change within the community. For instance I have been organizing community events, volunteering for social causes like drug abuse, etc. This experience has enabled me to discover my passion, and has greatly contributed to my personal growth.”

-N. Nganthoi Chanu (Internal Mentor),
Kshetrigao Block, Imphal East District
3“As an Internal Mentor working for the PRI-CBO Convergence Project, Embarking on this journey has transformed my life from being a mere SHG member and a Homemaker to an active citizen working towards empowering the community.
The Knowledge, awareness, skill and motivation that I
received have boosted my creativity and conviction to speak and liaison with different stakeholders like PRI members, Line Departments officials etc and ensure effective planning for various activities.”

- Ashem Sanahanbi devi (Internal-Mentor),
Keirao Block, Imphal East District
4“The formation of the Village Coordination Forum (VCF) in my village helps us a lot in overall development work. As the forum represents the members from each collective, hence it acts like a convergence platform to discuss the social issues related to health, environment, economy, flora, and fauna of the village in one place considering all the consent from each representative. Whatever decision is taken in the meeting every month is forwarded to the concerned society for a necessary action plan. Thus, VCF has become an important platform for an effective and smooth administration in today’s village affairs.”

-W. Korungin Makunga, Chairman,
Khulsaibung Village, Machi Block, Manipur
5“It is great that Women Self Help Groups (SHGs) and their
Village Level Federation (VLF) are taking up other activities for the development of our rural areas apart from the usual financial inclusion. It is good that a library has been set up in our Village High School initiated by VCF under the guidance of the PRI/VA-CBO Convergence Project (MSRLM). This library, I believe, will go a long way. Further promoting reading habits among the student community and also helps in knowledge expansion in the community at large.”

- Paokholun Haokip Chief (Sita Village)