In order to be eligible to apply for project, an entity should be:-

 i. registered under Indian Trust Acts or any State Society Registration Act or any State Cooperative Societies or Multi-State CO-operative Acts oF the Companies Act 2013 or the Limited Liability partnership Act, 2008.

ii. Government or a semi-Government organization at the State and National Level.

DDU-GKY is committed to achieve its placement linked project objectives; we make an effort in engaging with employers and help them in fulfilling their skill requirements and human resource requirements. DDU-GKY along with its training partners, engages with employers in the following ways:

  •  Champion Employers

At DDU-GKY, partners who can train and employ 5,000 or more DDU-GKY candidates over a period of 2 years are referred to as ‘Champion Employers’. They enable the right infrastructure for training purposes, and are encouraged by DDU-GKY in terms of ‘Fast-Track decisions and sanctions on Projects’.

  • ·  Captive Employers

Captive Employers are organizations who have the ability to train and the necessary infrastructure already in place. We encourage our partners to become Captive Employers and place of candidates in their own or subsidiary firms.

Category of PIAs and corresponding project sizes and project periods for which they will be eligible under DDU-GKY is given in the Guideline of DDU-GKY, July, 2016.